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Where to Stay in Val d'Isere

A guide to the different villages in Val d'Isere

Welcome to Val d’Isere, a premier ski destination nestled in the French Alps! Each village and hamlet within this stunning resort offers a unique experience, catering to different preferences and needs. Explore the distinct charm and accommodation options in each area to find your perfect stay.

Val d’Isere Centre

Situated at the heart of the resort, Val d’Isere Centre pulsates with energy and convenience. Here, you’ll find a vibrant atmosphere with bustling streets lined with shops, restaurants, and après-ski hotspots. Accommodation options in this area range from cozy chalets to stylish apartments, providing easy access to the ski lifts and a lively après-ski scene. Val d’Isere Centre is ideal for those seeking a lively atmosphere with easy access to amenities.

Le Cret:

Perched on a sunny plateau overlooking the resort, Le Crêt offers panoramic views and a peaceful atmosphere. This area is characterized by luxury chalets and upscale accommodations, providing an exclusive retreat for discerning travellers. Le Cret’s elevated location ensures stunning vistas and easy access to both ski slopes and the resort’s amenities, making it an ideal choice for luxury seekers and those desiring privacy.

La Daille

Convenience meets affordability in La Daille, a village known for its proximity to the slopes and budget-friendly accommodations. Here, you’ll find a range of ski-in/ski-out apartments and chalets, making it a favourite among avid skiers and snowboarders looking for quick access to the vast Espace Killy ski area. La Daille’s location near the Funival funicular ensures easy connections to Val d’Isere’s main attractions and ski routes.

Le Fornet

For a more tranquil and traditional Alpine experience, Le Fornet offers a charming retreat away from the bustling crowds. Nestled at the foot of the slopes, this village exudes old-world charm with its picturesque wooden chalets and serene ambiance. Accommodations in Le Fornet often blend rustic charm with modern comforts, perfect for families or those seeking a peaceful ski getaway surrounded by stunning mountain scenery.

Hamlets (Le Joseray, Le Chatelard, Leggetaz)

Nestled between valleys and forests, the hamlets of Le Joseray, Le Chatelard, and Leggetaz offer a peaceful escape immersed in natural beauty. These charming hamlets feature traditional Alpine architecture, cozy chalets, and intimate guesthouses, perfect for those seeking a quiet retreat amidst stunning landscapes. While these areas may require a short commute to reach the main resort facilities, they offer a serene environment ideal for relaxation and reconnecting with nature.


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