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The Blue Note | After Ski | Val d'Isere Centre

The Blue Note

Nestled opposite the ESF Ski School, The Blue Note is a cherished spot for après-ski enthusiasts. Boasting a cozy atmosphere, it’s the perfect retreat after a day on the slopes. From 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM, their lively happy hour beckons ski instructors and holidaymakers alike.

Owned and operated by Lou and Matt for years, The Blue Note is infused with their warm personalities. They’re celebrated for their extensive selection of wines, beers, and spirits, but it’s their signature alcoholic hot chocolates that steal the show. Pair these indulgences with their famous ‘Blue Note’ nibbles, featuring homemade hummus, olives, and saucisson, for an unforgettable après experience.”

Opening Times

  • Monday : 15:00 - 02:00
  • Tuesday : 15:00 - 02:00
  • Wednesaday : 15:00 - 02:00
  • Thursday : 15:00 - 02:00
  • Friday : 15:00 - 02:00
  • Saturday : 15:00 - 02:00
  • Sunday : 15:00 - 02:00

Contact Details