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Ski Republic Portillo | Hire Shop | Val d'Isere Centre

Ski hire at the best price in Val d’Isere

Located conveniently on Olympic Avenue in the heart of Val d’Isere, Ski Republic Portillo offers unparalleled accessibility and convenience for ski rentals.

Positioned just steps from the ski lifts and key attractions, their shop ensures swift equipment pick-up, allowing you to maximize your time on Val d’Isère’s slopes hassle-free.

They boast an extensive selection of skis and snowboards catering to all skill levels, each meticulously maintained for safety and performance.

Choose Ski Republic Portillo for its prime location, ensuring immediate access to the slopes, top-quality gear at competitive rates, and personalized service from their knowledgeable team of winter sports enthusiasts.

Plan your ski trip effortlessly with their straightforward online booking system, and rely on their expert tips to enhance your skiing experience in Val d’Isere. For direct assistance with your ski hire needs on Olympic Avenue, contact their team via phone or online form for swift and detailed support.

Open from 09/12 to 19/04

Ski Hire Discount Code

Get an extra 10% off by using our promo code: MLT_CHALAPT24

Opening Times

  • Monday 8.30am - 7pm
  • Tuesday 8.30am - 12pm / 3pm - 7pm
  • Wednesday 8.30am - 12pm / 3pm - 7pm
  • Thursday 8.30am - 12pm / 3pm - 7pm
  • Friday 8.30 am - 7 pm
  • Saturday 8.30 am - 7 pm
  • Sunday 8.30 am - 7 pm

Contact Details