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Piste, Snow and Weather Conditions | Val d'isere

Weather in Val d'Isère: A Guide for Ski Enthusiasts

Welcome to Val d’Isère, where the thrill of skiing meets the beauty of the French Alps. Planning your ski trip involves more than just choosing the perfect accommodation; understanding the weather conditions is essential for an unforgettable experience on the slopes. Below, we provide insights into the typical weather patterns during the ski season to help you prepare for your adventure.

Average Temperatures:

During the ski season, which typically runs from late November to early May, temperatures in Val d’Isère vary depending on the month. In December and January, the coldest months, temperatures can range from -5°C to -15°C (23°F to 5°F) at higher elevations. February and March see slightly milder temperatures, with averages ranging from -3°C to -10°C (27°F to 14°F). As spring approaches in April and May, temperatures gradually rise, with averages ranging from -1°C to 5°C (30°F to 41°F).

Average Snowfall:

Val d’Isère is renowned for its abundant snowfall, making it a paradise for skiers and snowboarders alike. During the peak winter months of December to February, the resort receives an average of 120 to 150 centimeters (47 to 59 inches) of snow per month. March continues to offer excellent snow conditions, with an average snowfall of around 100 centimeters (39 inches). Even in April and May, when the ski season begins to wind down, you can still expect fresh powder, with an average snowfall of 50 to 80 centimeters (20 to 31 inches) per month.

Frequency of Snowfall:

Snowfall is a common occurrence throughout the ski season in Val d’Isère, contributing to its reputation as one of the premier destinations for winter sports enthusiasts. On average, the resort experiences snowfall on approximately 12 to 15 days per month during peak season (December to February). In March, snowfall occurs on around 10 to 12 days per month, gradually decreasing as spring approaches.


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