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Driving to Val d'Isere

A Guide for UK Guests

Overview: Driving to Val d’Isere from the UK can be a scenic and enjoyable journey, offering flexibility and convenience for your ski holiday. Below is a detailed guide including directions, estimated times, costs, suitable stopovers, and information on checking the latest travel regulations in France.


From the UK: Start your journey from Calais, France, after crossing the English Channel.


  • Follow the A26 towards Reims, then take the A4 towards Metz and Strasbourg.
  • Continue on the A31 towards Dijon, then take the A6 towards Lyon.
  • From Lyon, take the A43 towards Chambery, then follow signs for Albertville and onto the N90 towards Bourg-Saint-Maurice.
  • Finally, follow signs for Val d’Isere on the D902, which leads directly to the resort.

Estimated Times: Approximately 10-12 hours of driving time, excluding breaks and traffic conditions.


  • Channel Crossings: Costs vary depending on the chosen route (e.g., Eurotunnel or ferry). Plan for around £200-350round trip.
  • Fuel: Estimate fuel costs based on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and current prices.
  • Tolls: Budget for toll fees along the motorways, especially in France.
  • Other Costs: Include accommodation costs if staying overnight during the journey.

Suitable Stopover Places:

  • Reims, France: About 3-4 hours from Calais, offering historic sites and various accommodation options.
  • Dijon, France: Approximately halfway to Val d’Isere, known for its gastronomy and cultural attractions.
  • Lyon, France: Ideal for a longer stopover, with a range of hotels and restaurants to explore.
  • Chambery, France: Closer to Val d’Isere, providing a convenient break before heading into the mountains.

Checking Travel Regulations:

  • Official Websites: Visit the official website of the French government or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the latest travel regulations, including COVID-19 restrictions, driving requirements, and any necessary documentation.

Additional Tips:

  • Winter Equipment: Ensure your vehicle is equipped with snow chains or winter tires, especially during the ski season.
  • Traffic Updates: Check for traffic updates and road conditions, particularly in mountainous areas, to plan your journey effectively.
  • Accommodation Booking: Book accommodations in advance, especially during peak ski season, to secure your stay along the route.

By following this guide, you can plan a smooth and enjoyable road trip to Val d’Isere, taking in the beautiful landscapes and enjoying a memorable ski holiday in the French Alps.