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Bars and Restaurants | Val d'Isere Le Fornet and Hamlets

Step off the beaten path and discover the hidden culinary gems nestled within the picturesque hamlets surrounding Val d’Isere. From the tranquil charm of Fornet to the rustic allure of neighboring villages, this is where alpine tradition meets gastronomic excellence.

Join us on a culinary adventure through these enchanting hamlets, where quaint cafes, cozy bistros, and traditional taverns await your discovery. Whether you’re indulging in hearty mountain fare crafted from locally sourced ingredients or sipping on fine wines by the fireside, Fornet and its neighboring hamlets offer a taste of authentic alpine hospitality.

Experience the warmth of Savoyard culture as you dine amidst breathtaking mountain vistas and unwind in the embrace of timeless charm. Our curated selection of bars and restaurants promises to awaken your senses and leave you with cherished memories of alpine dining at its finest. Join us as we celebrate the culinary traditions that make Fornet and its neighbouring hamlets an essential stop on your Val d’Isere journey.

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